Identification Panel Collar

Identification Panel Collar

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This 1.5" wide durable polypropylene collar is a wonderful way to identify your service dog or working dog as "on the job". It's fully adjustable (just pick the size you need from the options list) and even has a slide on it to catch any excess webbing so it doesn't flop around.  This means a functional collar that also has a great fit and finish.

The side of the collar features a 1.5" x 8" embroidered panel that is interchangeable with other panels. The collar includes one panel of your choice and replacement panels can be purchased separately. 

Choose from the following styles:

  • Service Dog (Red Thread) 
  • Therapy Dog (Blue Thread)
  • Service Dog In Training (Red Thread)
  • Dog at Work (Orange Thread)
  • Guide Dog (Orange Thread)
  • Hearing Dog (Orange Thread)
  • Mobility Dog (Blue Thread)
  • Seizure Dog (Red Thread)
  • Do Not Pet (Red Thread)
  • Ask to Pet (Blue Thread)
  • Medical Alert Dog (Red Thread)
  • Emotional Support Animal [reads ESA Support K-9] (Blue Thread)
  • Search & Rescue (Orange Thread)
  • Working Dog (Orange Thread)
  • In Training (Red Thread).
Need your organization's name, logo or website embroidered on this item?  No problem. Just give us a call or email us for a quote.