Personalized "My Best Friend" Dog Photo Frame

Personalized "My Best Friend" Dog Photo Frame

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Display the photo of your dog in our new "My Best Friend" Personalized Photo Frame. Available in 3 popular sizes, there's sure to be a size to fit your favorite photo of Fido. Constructed from a beautiful natural wood, the top left corner of this photo frame will feature your dog's name engraved while the bottom right corner is decorated with playful pawprints.

An inspiring writing in the top right corner reads "My dog is my best friend. The wagging tail welcomes me home each day and the eyes are happy to see me when I've been gone. No matter what, my dog's love is an unconditional love and is exactly what I need afer a long day in this crazy world".

This frame is available in the following sizes:

  • For 4x6 photo (overall frame dimension 7x9) 
  • For 5x7 photo (overall frame dimension 8x10) 
  • For 8x10 photo (overall frame dimension 11x13)
* also available for your pet store or boutique